Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wear It Mama: Out and About

I am totally digging this everyday look. This sweet chiffon layered tank is super versatile, wear with a blazer and skirt for an office look, or step up your casual look a notch by pairing with distressed jeans and gladiator sandals. Accessorize with a simple necklace and cool, print bag and you've got yourself the perfect outfit to get you through the day in comfortable style!

Shopping List
Chiffon Layered Tank (Neutral Pink)
Rose of Damascus Necklace
Bohemian Chains and Print Bag
Boyfriend Jeans
Arizona Carina Gladiator Sandals (Cognac)

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Small Style: Sweet Lemonade

I just about died when I found this dress. D.I.E.D. I have always wanted a dress in this print and this style, and I have finally found it! Unfortunately I found it in the girls section, which, try as I might, I can not fit into.I can't have it, but my little fashion plate can. Who cares if I'm living my fashion dreams vicariously through her. It's a lemon print dress! And it's allllll mine! I mean, hers. It's all hers. Pairing this dress with strappy gold sandals was a no-brainer. I toyed with the idea of layering the dress with a cardi, but this dress is just too cute to cover up, so I decided to accessorize instead and these gumball bracelets fit the bill perfectly.

Shopping List
Cherokee Girls Floral Sundress
GumBall Bracelets (Classic Green)
Genuine Kids Donnica Sandals (Gold)

Friday, March 20, 2015

A Little Moxie, A Little Mischief: Meet Everly

Meet Everly. Everly is 19 months old and the baby of the bunch. She is spoiled with kisses daily by her big brother and sister. Everly has the best little toothy grin I have ever laid eyes on. Everly is as sweet as pie, but far from a pushover. In fact, she can be quite the little powerhouse. She's not afraid to rumble and tumble with kids 3 times her size, and she can already hold her own with the best of them!

Personality: Boisterous, silly, mischievous, affectionate, cheerful, curious

Interests: Exploring every inch of every surface of every place she sets foot in

Activities: running

Favorite Animated Characters: N/A

Collections: anything related to bunnies

Loves: playing with her big brother and sister, hugs, peek-a-boo, food

Thursday, March 19, 2015

At Home Learning: C.A.L.M

In addition to being a part time blogger and busy mama of 3, I am also a child and adolescent therapist. Being a child and adolescent therapist has given me a unique perspective on parenting. My children would say that having a therapist as a mother means having a mom who "always likes to talk about feelings!" It should be noted that this statement is not said with excitement, but is usually followed by a sigh. Ah, kids!

We do, in fact, talk about "Big" feelings a lot. Especially since my oldest son has his fair share of challenges regulating and verbalizing his emotions. We often talk about healthy options to express emotions. This also means we do a lot of activities and have a lot of reminders of those options around the house. The C.A.L.M chart is one of my favorite reminders. When feelings are on the verge of getting too big to handle, I point to the C.A.L.M chart as a reminder, and suggest trying one or all the tips.
  • Center yourself . This involves participating in a relaxation activity. The child can take a break - walk away from the source of frustration and engage in a calming activity; have a bit of cuddle time with mom or dad; or go for a walk. Another potential option is belly breathing (deep breathing) by breathing in through the nose, picturing the breath traveling down the body and filling up the belly, holding for a count of 5, and breathing out through the mouth while picturing the worry/frustration leaving the body. Progressive muscle relaxation is also another fun way to calm the body. Look up videos on YouTube as a guide. Kids love it!
  • Activity! Big emotions often come with an overabundance of energy. Getting some of that energy out can help re-center the body and mind. Take a run outside, dance, play a sport, go swimming, do jumping jacks, play tag - anything that involves movement.
  • Logical thinking. This is one of the harder suggestions for kids to do on their own, but it's also very effective. Often times when emotions get too big, they are accompanied by "worst case scenario" thoughts. Encourage your child to challenge these thoughts by helping them identify what is true, instead of what might happen. For example, if your child is getting anxious about attending a social event and is fearing that no one will talk to him/her, remind your child that he/she has several friends who will be at the event, and that he/she has always made friends easily.
  • Mindful Memory. Have your child recall a positive and happy memory. Encourage your child to identify two characteristics of that memory for each of the 5 senses. Two things that he/she saw; two things he/she heard; two things he/she touched; two things he/she tasted; and two things he/she smelled. This will allow the child to re-create the full experience of the memory. and the joy and happiness experienced during the event will translate to the present.

One of the key components of developing healthy coping skills is practice. Practice makes perfect! I equate this to extracurricular activities such as dance or sports to make the concept relatable to kids. Very few people can just walk out to the field (or court or dance floor) and execute a flawless performance. Frequent practice is often crucial to performing at the event. Much like dance or sports, it is difficult to implement coping skills during the height of frustration/anxiety/sadness, if you haven't prepared your mind and body with plenty of practice .I suggest setting aside 10 or 15 minutes each day to practice coping skills with your child. Remember, being able to manage big emotions won't come over night for your child, it takes time and patience before positive coping skills become habit. Set reasonable expectations for yourself and your child. The complete elimination of big feelings isn't realistic, but becoming better equipped to manage them is something most children can achieve with your support!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wear It Mama: Errand Run

During the warmer months, I spend most of my days off lounging around like a bum in jersey capris and a t-shirt. While that is perfectly fine for cleaning up around the house, I like to look a little more put together when I'm out running errands or taking the kids to the park. This dress pretty much fits the bill. It's cute enough to make me not feel like a complete slob, but the soft jersey knit material provides me with the comfort I desire. The midi length is perfect for chasing the kiddos around without fearing a "wardrobe malfunction," and the pockets... well, the pockets are everything. I am a complete sucker for a dress with pockets. These tan suede wedges are perfect summer shoes and offer both comfort and style. Throw in a boho inspired handbag and I'm ready to head out the door with little effort and a lot of style.

Shopping List
Strappy Button Midi Dress
Ruthie Raffia Low Wedge (Tan Suede)
Ricklyn Handbag (Cognac)

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Small Style: Spring Swag

With Spring holidays right around the corner, the mad dash for dressy clothes has begun! I put together this relaxed, but dapper,  look for my little dude and couldn't be happier. I love the way this light blue dotted button-up looks paired with a striped sweater vest and slate grey slacks. These earthy brown oxfords from Tucker & Tate are so perfect to complete this outfit. I think this would definitely be bunny approved!

Shopping List
Stripes and Dots Shirt (Soft Navy Dots)
Striped Sweater Vest (White Striped)
Oxford Pants (Slate Grey)
Tucker and Tate Cameron Oxfords (Dirty)

Friday, March 13, 2015

A Little Moxie, A Little Mischief: Meet Amelia

This is Amelia. Amelia is 4 years old and is one of the most determined and independent spirits I have ever met. She is the MOXIE in and Mis.chief. Amelia is a perfect mix of a girly-girl and tomboy. She is truly my little partner in crime and reminds me a lot of myself - which can be a double edged sword at times!

Personality: Spunky, independent, caring, spirited, assertive, adventurous, artistic,

Interests: Playing dress up, pretending she's a princess, getting into her big brother's stash of cars and trucks,

Activities: dance, yoga

Favorite Animated Characters: Elsa and Anna (Frozen), Ariel (Little Mermaid), Batman

Collections: Mooshka Dolls, Little People Princesses

Loves: mermaids, fairies, performing song and dance routines, shopping with mommy, traveling.