Monday, February 15, 2010

Brio Tuscan Grill: Cherry Hill, NJ

YUMMY! That's the word I would use to describe Brio Tuscan Grill in Cherry Hill. I had no idea this was a chain establishment! Chain restuarant food has a tendency to be lackluster in taste and often has that "pre-prepared" air about it. Not the food at Brio!

The salad was crisp and fresh. The soup was hot and tasty. The main course was downright finger lickin' good! I devoured a delicious serving of Penne Mediterranean and my husband ravaged his meal of Whole Roasted Chicken. The Dolchino Sampler Dessert was a mouth watering ending to the meal. I also rather enjoyed my Frozen Mango Bellini!

The resturant was crowded on a weekend night but the wait was certainly worth it. The service was excellent and the Italian style menu was fairly priced. This is an excellent date spot but is also suitable for a family dinner as well.


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  1. I hate to be mean but I did not like it. First we wanted the Cheesecake Factory but there were 2million people there. so we went to Brio which was not crowded. Server gave usa small loaf of bread and 2 flatbreads and it was never refilled. then I ordered a small caesar salad which was very bland and tasteless. Then my scampi and I know Red Lobser is 100% better. I am not a picky eater but I know good scampi (lemon, garlic, cheese, butter) and this was tasteless. I never complain or send food back unless it is totally gross. Dessert was the little sample cups and it was tasty and not too filling. Server asked if we wanted dessert as I was still eating so I felt I had to hurry up and finish.Anyway it was a nice airy restaurant, not people sitting on top of each other and that was nice. Would I go back? Only if Cheesecake Factory was too crowded. Sorry.