Sunday, March 28, 2010

Book Review: Airport

I snagged this book at a library fair last summer for $0.25. It's an old school picture book with simple, but vividly colored, drawings and short and simple text. The text is very basic making it a great book for little ones to read along to. It's also great story that will help prep for a kiddo's first plane trip and ease any anxieties.

Keep in mind this book was written in the 80's and therefore airport security wasn't quite as rigid as it is now so the storyline omits some parts of the airport experience that is significant to most adult travelers in the current day. Don't let this deter you from the book, it's still a great way to teach young ones about the basics of what goes on at the airport. The story takes readers from the first step of the journey - getting to the airport - and then goes through experiences like baggage, boarding, and taking off. The illustrations also show cut-away pictures of the plane, as well as pictures of the cockpit and control tower which is a special sneak peak at places in the airport travelers normally don't see!

By: Bryan Barton

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