Sunday, April 4, 2010

Book Review: The Wheels on the Bus

There are several versions of this title available, but this is by far my kiddo's favorite one of all. We all know the childhood rhyme of The Wheels on the Bus and how those wheels go round and round all through the town. What makes this version in particular so attractive to my little one is the die cut image of a bus on the top half of the book that you can see travel through the town by turning the wheel on the side of the book. This simple feature charmed the socks off of my kiddo so much that he often demands that I read it to him at least twice every night.

Definitely a cute book with vivid color illustrations. The sturdy board book has proven tough enough to endure toddler hands over the course of the past year and shows no signs of abandoning our nightly read anytime soon!

The Wheels on the Bus
Illustrated By: Michelle Swan

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