Sunday, December 19, 2010

Book Review: Princess Smartypants

Princess Smartypants isn't your typical Princess. Princess Smartypants is a princess with a bit of an attitude and heck of an independent streak! The Princess is not a fan of getting married despite parental pressure to do so. When the Princess decides to give ample opportunity to several potential suitors to change her mind, the Princess is only increasingly reassured that she is perfectly fine without a man in her life... afterall, she has already found the perfect companions in her hodge podge assortment of pets. The Princess decides to put all this finding a man nonsense to an end when she turns one potential suitor into a toad. Every backs off and allows the Princess to be happy in her own way - on her own!

The perfect anti-traditional fairy tale, Princess Smartypants is a heroine to budding feminists young and old!

Princess Smartypants
By: Babette Cole

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