Monday, February 21, 2011

Book Review: Click Clack Crocodile's Back

This sneaky, creepy, prowling predator is hungry and he's got his eye on several animals that would make a great meal. Unfortunately this sneaky aquatic reptile wasn't counting on his prey to outwit him by playing into the croc's ego. It's a lesson in the power of brain over brawn and the ability to survive using one's smarts. Kids will get a kick out of the clever route the animals take to fool the seemingly unescapable fate of landing in the crocodile's jaw.

The short rhyming text flows seemlessly to keep little ones entertained while reading along or listening. The illustrations nicely accompany the text with humorous not-so-scary flair.

Click Clack Crocodile's Back
By: Kathryn White
Illustrated By: Joelle Dreidemy

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