Friday, January 27, 2012

Book Review: Princess Hyacinth

There's no better princess story, than the story of a rebel princess.

Princess Hyacinth has all a little princess could ever dream of. There's only one problem and that problem is that she can float.  It's not so much that she can float that is the problem - it's that she can't stop floating.

Bored, lonely and tired of being weighted down by heavy garments, this unusual Princess finds a smart solution to her predicament while also gaining a bit of freedom from her concerned, although slightly restrictive, parents. Princess Hyacinth rebelliously rips off her heavy crown, weighted socks and massive dress and chooses to embrace her ability by floating freely in the air after being inspired by the kingdom's "balloon man."  As the Princess floats free above the ground, she attracts a suitor, aptly named "Boy," who is supportive of her adventurous spirit and only intervenes when the Princess wishes to return to the ground. The story could have certainly stood alone with out the inclusion of the male character "saving" the princess and reeling her back to earth, but it doesn't take away from the empowering message of the book. In fact, the relationship between Princess Hyacinth and "Boy" sets a terrific example of what it means to be supportive and understanding in a partnership.

The illustrations are beautiful and are refreshingly absent of princess pink.  The typography is marvelous and fun and adds an extra burst of excitement to the story. This book is a whimsical tale to be enjoyed by those who adore Princesses and especially those who don't!

Princess Hyacinth
By: Florence Parry Heide
Illustrated By: Lane Smith

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