Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Book Review: George's Dragon

When George went to the pet store, it was love at first sight as he set his eyes on a purple lizard. George loves his new pet lizard, but George's parents don't love the increasing size of the new family pet. Much to the dismay of George's parents, this was no ordinary lizard, but rather a baby dragon that is growing rapidly into a full sized fire breathing dragon and creating quite the household chaos! The aptly named Sparky sets accidental fires, crashes into things and causes an all around ruckus. Even when Sparky tries to be on his best behavior, he is prone to a mistake or two as he learns to control his limbs and fire. Sparky may not be the most ideal pet, but he is George's pet and George's best friend. George sets out to prove to his doubting parents that dragons do indeed make wonderful pets and even more wonderful friends. Sparky solidifies his place in the family when he exhibits his usefulness when crisis ensues as the family car breaks down. George's parents finally realize that Sparky is truly a loyal and helpful member of the family.

This is a charming tale of an unlikely and unconditional friendship between a boy and his pet. The unwavering loyalty of George for Sparky is admirable, and is exhibited through George's acceptance of Sparky's short comings and his persistence in convincing his parents to recognize Sparky's potential. The story is also a solid lesson in understanding and tolerance as George's parents come to adjust their expectations of Sparky, proving that you are never to old to learn and grow! Also noteworthy is the book's atypical use of gender roles in which the mother takes care of the broken down car and the father takes care of the household chores.

George's Dragon
By: Claire Freedman
Illustrated By: Russell Julian

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