Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Owned and Adored: An Ode to Ikea

KALAS Bowls - These affordable bowls are a favorite in our house. Not only are they a steal at 6 for $1.99, but they are fun, colorful and durable. Perfect for the littles. We also use the coordinating cups, plates and flatware. I love that they are microwave and dishwasher safe.

VITSIG Hats -  I love these hats!  They are great for the dress up bin and encouraging imaginative play. The kiddos have a blast running around with their "magic" hats.

PIFFAG Shoes -  Much like the VITSIG hats, these shoes have occupied the kiddos for hours in fantasy play.

MULA Stacking Rings - The babes love the bright and colorful MULA stacking rings. These wooden rings are useful in teaching size, color, counting and to encourage the development of fine motor skills. We have a well loved set that has lasted through two kiddos and will soon be used by a third.

HOPPLEK Rug - This rug is the newest addition to the kiddos' play area, but we are already head over heels in love. This playful rug does double duty by providing numbered circles to count, colors to identify and teaching measurements with the rulers on the side.  Totes adorbs!

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