Sunday, March 22, 2015

Small Style: Sweet Lemonade

I just about died when I found this dress. D.I.E.D. I have always wanted a dress in this print and this style, and I have finally found it! Unfortunately I found it in the girls section, which, try as I might, I can not fit into.I can't have it, but my little fashion plate can. Who cares if I'm living my fashion dreams vicariously through her. It's a lemon print dress! And it's allllll mine! I mean, hers. It's all hers. Pairing this dress with strappy gold sandals was a no-brainer. I toyed with the idea of layering the dress with a cardi, but this dress is just too cute to cover up, so I decided to accessorize instead and these gumball bracelets fit the bill perfectly.

Shopping List
Cherokee Girls Floral Sundress
GumBall Bracelets (Classic Green)
Genuine Kids Donnica Sandals (Gold)

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