Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wear It Mama: Date Night

Recently, I've been going back and forth regarding the jumpsuit look. I finally decided to take the plunge and purchase this sexy, black, v-neck jumpsuit with a cute side-tie belt. Love it! I think it will make for a perfect date night look. This jumpsuit is so amazing on it's own, that I didn't want to overload the look with accessories, so I decided on these cute, but simple, drop earrings as the sole piece of jewelry I will wear with this outfit. I was originally going to go with an emerald green clutch - which I still think would look awesome with this outfit - but I couldn't resist this sweet floral print once I set eyes on it. As a tall girl, I'm often on the hunt for sexy heels that won't leave me feeling like a leaning tower, so I was smitten as soon as I found these vegan, snakeskin textured kitten heels from Chinese Laundry. So pretty, and such a wallet friendly price. Can't wait to wear this hot outfit for our next night out on the town.

Shopping List
Sleeveless Jumpsuit (Black)
Long Earrings
Falling Fleur You Floral Print Clutch
Gold Snakeskin Kitten Heels


  1. Love this outfit! That clutch is adorable.

  2. I love this outfit. I think I need to take the plunge with a jumpsuit too, they are so cool and elegant. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Sophie --

    1. Sorry, missed this comment earlier! You should do it. They are so cute. Slight pain when using the ladies room, but sometimes looking good means "suffering" ;)