Sunday, June 28, 2015

Small Style: Beach Vacay

The boy kiddo has his eye on a beach vacation this summer. Unfortunately life has been too crazy for our usual trek to Virginia Beach, so this year's destination will be the Jersey shore. Close enough!  To ease the disappointment, I took the little dude shopping for a new beach outfit. Being that he's become more vocal in his likes and dislikes when it comes to clothing, I was more than delighted at what we ended up with. He's usually not a fan of jeans, but was totally digging these distressed medium wash denim shorts.  The hipster shorts needed more than just a regular tee, so it was a total score when we found this blue gradient hoodie. It pairs PERFECTLY with the shorts. Throw on a casual tank underneath and some comfortable Native's on the feet and he's good to go for this year's local beach vacay. This outfit was accomplished without any tears or  protests. I'd say this week's shopping was a win!

Shopping List
Sunset Hoodie (Mood Blue)
Boys' Sports Tank Top
Medium Wash Destroyed Denim Jeans
Jefferson Native Shoe (Pigeon Grey/Victoria Blue)

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