Sunday, June 21, 2015

Small Style: Cool as a Cucumber

This week's shopping finds were to fill my littlest's closet. Summer is in full effect and my babe was in desperate need of more warm weather clothing. These chino shorts are a steal at $8 a pair! I grabbed several pairs for the babe. This gorgeous green pair is my absolute favorite of the bunch. These lightweight shorts are perfect for hot days and look absolutely lovely paired with this super sweet lace crochet tank. I love how little effort this look requires, but it still looks completely stylish and put together. In other words, I can actually get this on my little one and have her out the door in a matter of minutes and have her not look like a feral child. That's always a win! A pair of Salt Water Sandals - a summer staple in our household - complete this perfect summer outfit.

Shopping List
Cotton Top with Lace (White)
Cotton Chino Shorts (Green)
Salt Water Sandals by Hoy (Brown)


  1. Such a cute little summer outfit!

  2. Those shorts are so cute! I wish I had seen this before so I could have bought it for my trip this week!

  3. So adorable I love the shoes!!