Tuesday, July 28, 2015

At Home Learning: Homeschool Supplies on the Fly

I'm becoming increasingly excited about our decision to home school our PreK aged daughter. The process has become much less overwhelming and now my focus is all on preparation. I was super excited to hit the mother-load in the Target dollar section recently. I officially purchased my first home school supplies on a complete whim, which is something that happens often at Target! I was quite pleased at my finds - jumbo dice, counting blocks, number and alphabet charts, a weather chart and a day of the week chart. What a score! One of my favorite items is a "feelings wheel." I snagged a few extra for work. My little one is already eager to get some use out of that materials. 

I have a decent board racking up ideas on Pinterest, I'm hoping that by the end of next week I'll have a basic curriculum made and a supply list, so the real shopping can begin. I am also going to scour the interwebs for home schooling corner inspiration. I figured it wouldn't hurt to have a dedicated space to materials and supplies for this crazy adventure I'm embarking upon.

For all my homeschooling mamas out there - what is on your "must have" supply list?


  1. The Dollar Spot at Target is great! I teach preschool and I can always find something I can use there!

    1. They do have a lot of great things for preschoolers!

  2. The Target bargain section is a dangerous place to be!