Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Gymboree Music Class: Cherry Hill, NJ

Today I took the kiddo to his very first Gymboree experience. I signed him up for a free class and since he's a sucker for the sweet sounds of music, I opted to try the Level 1 Music Class (6 - 16 months). The kiddo is right on the cusp of age groups because he's 16 months so I was worried about him being way older than the other kiddos, but there happened to be a pretty good mix.

All in all it was a great experience. The place was clean and the staff was super friendly and helpful. The kiddo enjoyed interacting with the other children and participating in music related activities. At this level the parents do most of the grunt work (at one point the kiddos were sitting on our legs as we raised them... no need for a gym membership for mommy if you go to this class!) but the kid's are kept actively involved the whole time. Our class leader interacted with all the children and kept an upbeat atmosphere the whole time.


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