Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Book Review: Don't Call Me Little Bunny

Over the weekend the kiddo and I went to a craft fair. The local library had stand and was selling a bunch of old books for cheap. As I was flipping through the various picture books I came across one that was particularly interesting and instantly claimed it.

The book is called Don't Call Me Little Bunny and is by Gregorie Solotareff. Those who know me well know that I have a fondness for the weird, creepy and avant garde. This book is right up my alley. The book is about this little bunny, Jack, who is so sick and tired of adults patronizing him by calling him "Little Bunny" he decides that something must be done and he was going to be the "most rascally rabbit anyone has ever seen"!

"He started by making faces at the mama rabbits who patted his cheek and called him Little Bunny. When one of them gave him a piece of candy, he threw it down and stamped on it. Then he stole some carrots. However begun, it would end badly."

The story goes on to explain how Jack robs a bank, armed with an arsenal of weapons simply to "strike fear in the hearts of people and rabbits." Jack eludes police by running into the woods but he is eventually caught and tackled by a cop (and apparently blacks out from the blow) and winds up in the slammer.

"When he awoke, he was in prison. The police had taken his weapons and he was all alone. It was dark. He began to cry."

During his time behind bars Jack meets Jim Radish, a self-confessed murderer. He was doing time for killing a hunter because "if I hadn't killed him, he would've killed me." Obviously Jim was still making his self-defense plea. Jim proves to be quite the bad influence and launches a plan to break out.

Jim and Jack make their great escape by digging a tunnel from the prison to the land of sweet freedom. The vow to stick together and lead a life on the run. They fled to Jack's grandfather's house where the old rabbit seemed all too happy to harbor this furry criminals. The story concludes with Jack and Jim vowing to hide out until they are but a distant memory in the eyes of the law.

Quite the heartwarming children's story don't you think?! I think it's pretty awesome, if not a tad bit unconventional. If the kiddo ever brings this book to show-and-tell, we might have to field some phone calls.

Don't Call Me Little Bunny
By: George Solotareff

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