Friday, August 21, 2009

Book Review: The Zombie Nite Cafe

The Zombie Nite Cafe is a somewhat silly, somewhat dark, story perfect for little ones who aren't afraid of goblins, ghouls and monsters. The bright illustrations are more fun than gorey, but some parts of the story may make those who aren't fans of the monsters under the bed cringe. The text flows in rhyme making it an entertaining read. This would be a perfect story to read at a Halloween party. It's certainly fits in with creepy holiday theme!

Late one night a young boy was out walking his dog JJ and came across a cafe unlike any other... The Zombie Nite Cafe. As the young narrator quickly learns, this cafe is where the dead come feast at the all nite buffet.

"The Ghouls and Trolls were out that night - with more than just an appetite. The dead and undead came to meet. They shuffled in right off the street. And heavy smells of foul decay, seeped through the Zombie Nite Cafe."

The hostess will seat, all those who creep, as an assortment of characters visit the cafe. The narrator speaks of Ghouls, trolls, aliens, warewolves and other monsters who rush the buffet tables as a jukebox plays an eerie tune in the background.

What's on the menu? Oh, just the usual favorites... Chicken McMaggots, Aorta Over Easy and Scrambled Brains, you know, the classics!

Unfortunately the cook isn't so friendly and goes after our young narrator with a butcher knife. Thankfully the loyal protector in JJ comes out and saves his owner from "an early grave." The two then run back to the safety of home vowing to tell no one about their night.

The charming, if not slightly dark, story comes to a close with a warning... "Beware the Zombie Nite Cafe!"

The Zombie Nite Cafe
by Merrily Kutner

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