Saturday, February 27, 2010

Book Review: Misery Moo

Misery Moo is a little tale about a cow who is, well, miserable. Misery Moo complains when it rains, complains on her birthday and even complains during Christmas. All the while a cheerful little Lamb attempts to get Moo to see the brighter side of things. When Misery Moo's sadness rubs off on her Lamb friend, she realizes a valuable lesson - even though Misery loves company, true friends don't want that company to be miserable!

A great story on the effects of pessimism and the resiliance of friendship is told with simple but engaging water color illustrations and text. The message about optimistic thinking and the effect one's emotions has on friends is a terrific teaching opportunity for young ones.

Misery Moo
By: Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross

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