Monday, February 22, 2010

Online Local: Tan-je-reen Designs

Tan-je-reen Designs offers an assortment of fun and elegant custom invitation designs for every occassion. From baby showers, to birth announcement to birthday parties, this South Jersey based business will tastefully announce all the milestone's in your child's life. The shop's designs are bold and whimsical while still managing to have a sense of sophistication about them.

The shop also offers gorgeous stationary designs for children and adults alike. The children's stationary sets are perfect for handwritten notes and would make a terrific gift for young writers. I especially love the "not so naughty kids" notecard set which features clever notecards for all of those naughty occassions - "Sorry my kid pushed yours," "Sorry my kid broke your ___" and more! Now what mom doesn't need a handful of those?!


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