Sunday, January 23, 2011

Book Review: Five Little Monkeys Go Shopping

Part of the "Little Monkeys" series, this tale follows mama and her monkeys on a somewhat challenging back-to-school shopping trip. As mama monkey attempts to get the children outfitted for school, chaos ensues when the little monkeys decide not to wait around for mama in spite of mama's strict orders to "Not go wandering off!" Of course, being mischievous and impatient little monkeys, the little ones randomly disappear in search of beverages, the bathroom and entertainment and poor mama has to constantly go search for her missing monkeys. As the monkeys come and go and monkey friends are added to the group, the number of monkeys waiting for mama changes and providing young readers with an informal addition and subtraction lesson.

The illustrations are cleverly drawn and give another oppotunity for children to get involved with the story as the readers can find the missing monkeys in the backrgound. The book is a little repetative at times as mama often has to remind the monkeys to stay put, but parents can relate to the act of repeating instructions. The story ends on a comical note and is sure to snag a smile from adult story readers as mama realizes on the car ride home that the monkey hijinx did not end in the store.

This book is a fun addition to the collection and the highly interactive nature of the story makes it enjoyable for all.

Five Little Monkeys Go Shopping
By: Eileen Christelow

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