Saturday, January 29, 2011

Book Review: The Lost Treasure of Skull Island

This pop-up book is the perfect read for young pirate enthusiasts. Each page holds a terrific surprise with large, detailed pop-ups of parrots, maps, snakes, skulls and silly creepy skeleton pirates. The story is short and takes young readers through a journey of locating the buried treasure of Captain Skull as marked by destinations on the map.

The book has a fun little rhyme that accompanies each larger than life graphic. The last page features the skeleton pirate shown on the cover that is "coming for you!" The creepiness factor of the page is debatable and may not be appropriate for the skittish, but all in all the story is a delight for young readers and more cartoon-like than slasher flick scary.

The Lost Treasure of Skull Island
By: Martin Taylor and Duncan Smith

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