Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Book Review: Emily

There is something strange about the mysterious lady who lives in the big yellow house across the street. While most call her "the Myth," the young narrator just calls her Emily.

When the narrator's mother receives an invitation to play piano for the elusive Emily, the young neighbor decides to tag along, only after finding the perfect gift to bring to Emily. On the day of the visit, Emily is sick but her sister informs the guests that the music is sure to bring a smile to Emily's face. As the beautiful sounds of the piano fill the home, the curious girl tip-toes up the stares only to find herself face to face with Emily herself!

The story is comprised of sophisticated language and the eccentrities of the character of Emily may be lost on younger children. However, since this book is indeed, a fictional tale of an encounter with Emily Dickinson, this is a nice little introduction to the poet and also makes a great gift for fans of Dickinson. The oil painting illustrations are delightful and do a lovely job setting the mood of the time period.

By: Michael Bedard
Illustrated By: Barbara Cooney

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