Thursday, May 19, 2011

Make It: Flower Hair Clip Tutorial

In December of 2010 I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.  I also gave birth to a new crafty obsession - making hair accessories for my darling daughter.  Now baby girl is almost 8 months old and the obsession is still going strong.  Unfortunately baby girl doesn't have much hair to work with, but once she does, she will be set with a solid selection of hair accessories.  In the meantime, here's a simple tutorial to make an adorable felt flower hairclip for your little girl.

Step 1 - You can skip down to step 2 if you are a master at drawing perfect circles, otherwise if your circles are a bit lopsided, you might want to stick around.  Gather up materials to create your templates.  You will need 3 different sized circular objects, in the size you would like your flower,  to trace. I used to baby food jar, "poker" type chip and a quarter. You'll also need something to draw the template on.  You can use sturdy cardboard or an index card.

Step 2 - Once again, skip ahead down to step three if you prefer to freehand.  No?  Freehand not your thing?  That's ok.  We all have our limitations.  Trace the three circular objects you picked out on your template paper.

Step 3 - By now you know that you should just skip ahead if you posses the artistic skills that render templates useless so I'll just refrain from stating that from here on out.  Anyway, use the circles as guides to form your flower pattern.  I use the simple 6 "petal" shape shown above, but other details such as scalloped edges work as well.  Of course, you could always opt for super simple and just leave the circular shapes as is.

Step 4 - Cut out your template pattern.  You can use the templates to trace the pattern on the felt and then cut, or you can hold the template against the felt and use the template as a guide as you cut the felt. You can use one color of felt for all three circles or mix and match colors.

Step 5 - You should now be left with three felt flower patterns in varying sizes.

Step 6 - Use hot glue to attach each layer, arranging the layers in size order so the largest shape is one the bottom and the smallest shape is on the top.

Step 7 - Hot glue a cute gem to the center of the flower to give it some detail.

Step 8 - Hot glue a plain silver hair clip to the back of the felt flower as shown in the image.  The end result?  A super cute hair clip!  I would have let my daughter model the hairclip, but as I mentioned, she's lacking in the hair department so that would be pointless.  You'll have to just settle for this picture instead.

Flower Felt Hair Clip Tutorial originally created for Bluebird Kisses website.

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