Friday, May 11, 2012

Book Review: The Knight and the Dragon

This is the whimsical tale of a duel between a knight who has never fought a dragon, and a dragon who has never fought a knight.  Both the knight and the dragon prepare for the occasion by reading up on on the history of knight and dragon fighting, preparing weapons, practicing ferocious looks and brushing up on all the various skills needed to win the match.  Unfortunately both knight and dragon have one critical downfall - both are clumsy and lack the fierce fighting skill to pull the match off.  They try once. They try twice. They destroy everything in their path but each other.  Finally a sensible princess put an end to the madness and convinces them to join their skills for a common cause that results in a favorable outcome for both knight and dragon.

The book's delightful illustrations and your child's imagination are the driving force of the book as the text is limited to only a handful of sentences.  I love that this book allows  for the reader to tell parts of the story.  It's a great opportunity to encourage your child's creative side to emerge and create dialouge to accompany the drawings. The book also provides a great lesson on the best resolutions are not accomplished by brute force.

The Knight and the Dragon
By: Tomie DePaola

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