Saturday, March 23, 2013

Small Style: 2013 Summer Swimwear Picks (Boy's Edition)

Big, Bold Prints
Octopus Swim Trunks - I think these trunks are just plain awesome!  I love the way the octopus wraps around the trunks and the color combo. This is an all-in-all win in my book!

Skull Print Swim Trunks - What's little boy doesn't like goofy skulls?! Bright and colorful, these swim trunks are bold and allow your little dude to stand out from the crowd.

Kitestrings Microfiber Swim Trunks - These nautical themed trunks perfect for a beach visit. The dark colors  make the suit subtle, while the yellow waist band and sporadic anchor pattern keep it from being boring.

Beach Vacation Worthy Patterns
Cherokee Floral Swim Trunks - These Hawaiian inspired beach trunks just scream "beach vacation!" I also love the little pop of orange on the inside of the trunks and at the tie.

Crab Gingham Swim Trunks - Feeling crabby? The sweet gingham pattern with little red crabs make these trunks beyond adorable. I also love that the crab pattern isn't overwhelming and that the light blue gingham give the trunks a preppy vibe.

Hatley Swim Trunks - Got a little surfer on your hands? These vintage patterned trunks would be a perfect match.

Surf's Up Solids (Mostly)
Riptide Board Shorts - These board shorts are sure to be a hit with your older boy. These shorts definitely meet the "cool" standard with it's one-sided pattern. Your kiddo will love that the pattern make the shorts stand out, but doesn't cross over into being childish.

Quiksilver Water Change Board Shorts - These trunks are at the top of my shopping list. I love the color blocking, the summertime colors and the back pocket (not shown in picture). These shorts are positively wave worthy.

Vroom Vroom Splice Swim Trunks - If your boy kiddo isn't old enough for the Riptide board shorts, but kiddie patterns aren't your thing, the subtle wave pattern on these VroomVroom swim trunks may be just for you. Great color combination and love the little pocket which is perfect for collecting seashells!

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  1. I love the nautical themed ones on the top - My Hubby is in the Navy :)

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