Saturday, August 10, 2013

Small Style: Preschool Purr-fect

Back to school shopping has been a little all-consuming lately. Being a shop-o-holic, I'm not really complaining about weekends being spent in the store, especially when I'm armed with a pocket full of coupons!  I usually gravitate towards a hipster style for my kids, but even I couldn't resist this super cute kitten tee when I found myself on a rare trip to Kohls. I think it's adorable!  But never one completely embrace kiddie kitsch, I couldn't help but add some trendy elements in like black ankle zipper trousers and cool grey suede booties.  Now that's one cool cat!

Shopping List
Jumping Beans Kitten Tee
Trousers with Zips (Black)
Sueded Ankle Boots (Greyscale)

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