Saturday, October 5, 2013

Small Style: Let's Hear It For The Boys!

Last week  I featured part of my baby girl clothing haul.  Just because I had a baby girl doesn't mean I wasn't scoping out the selection for baby boys.  I was surprised to see that there are tons of adorable baby boy clothes on the rack!  When my own boy kiddo was born almost 6 years ago, it was tough to find anything that wasn't decorated with puppies or made reference to football.  I had a twinge of jealousy and stared longingly at the mini man racks and briefly considered begging my hubby for a fourth in hopes of producing my own little baby boy to dress up.  That thought went as quickly as it came.  Instead I will settle with showcasing some of my favorite finds, all spotted at JC Penney - one of my new favorite places for stylish and affordable kids wear.

The new Ted Baker line at JCP is to die for. The clothing is sophisticated and hip and will leave you wishing the items came in mommy and daddy size.  Your mini is sure to turn heads when decked out in baby Baker.

Ted Baker Tweed Blazer - Do I even need to say anything about this blazer?!  Swoon!!

Ted Baker Plaid Shirt - I'm a sucker for little boys in plaid shirts!  Bonus is that this would look stellar underneath the tweed blazer!

Ted Baker Sweater Vest - What mini man wouldn't look beyond adorable in this sweater vest?! Perfect for the holidays or family date night. I especially love the jacquard back.

Wendy Bellissimo offers a variety of chic clothing for your little. With rich fabrics and warm colors, the Bellisimo line screams cozy couture.

Wendy Bellissimo Herringbone Hoodie Blazer - This blazer with attached hoodie is super stylish.  Great for hip little dudes and mama approved!

Wendy Bellissimo Pram Coverall - How cozy does this look? Perfect for keeping your little boy warm in the winter.

Wendy Bellissimo Beck Infant Hikers - These little boots are fantastic!  I love herringbone trim accent. These boots can work for dressy and casual looks.

As a die hard Joe Fresh fan, I am loving the growing selection found on the JCP sales floor. The affordable price tags are a major bonus for bargain loving mamas.

Joe Fresh Striped Tee - I love the color combo of this cute little tee.  It's perfect for a day lounging around the house with a pair of cozy sweats or out around the town with a stylish pair of jeans.

Joe Fresh Cuffed Jeans - There's probably nothing cuter than baby jeans, but this pair has something special. A bad ass skull print that peeks out when cuffed.  Awesomeness!

Joe Fresh Shawl Sweater - This cozy sweater is perfect for fall days. The color of this sweater is lovely and I love how the striped edges elevate the sweater from boring to hip.

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