Saturday, September 28, 2013

Small Style: Oh My Girl!

With the recent birth of baby girl kiddo numero dos, I have been a complete shopping fiend.  Being that the husband and I decided to not find out the sex, I'm making up for 9 months of lost shopping time. I just had to share some of the cute purchases I've made with all my fellow shop-o-holic mamas.

H&M has lots of adorable baby things, and now that they've officially launched their online shopping cart in the states, this makes it all the more easier to get your hands on their merchandise and dangerous for your bank account!

Corduroy Dress - This dress is darling. The little deer pattern sold me on this dress.  Also love soft and warm inner lining of this dress - it's perfect to keep babes toasty in chilly weather.

Fine Knit Sweater - I am not a huge fan of raccoon in real life, but even I can't deny the cuteness of this sweater. This lightweight sweater will look perfect with a pair of printed leggings.

Knit Hat - How pretty is this knit hat?!  I love it!  Stylish enough for the pickiest baby fashionista, but also totally functionable as a fall weather hat to keep the chill out of little heads.

Dress and Leggings Set - I'm a sucker for sets. I also love how cozy this set is with footed leggings. Makes dressing babes a cinch and there's no searching for socks that won't stay on!

Cotton Blouse - An array of woodland creatures make this blouse irresistible. So sweet and even more adorable in person.

I was never an avid JC Penney Shopper until I was lured to the store by the Joe Fresh line. On a recent trip I was excited to see that they've included giggleBABY in their Baby Department as well as expanded the Little Maven line. It's great that the store has expanded beyond the Carter's brand to include some hip offerings for style savvy mamas to enjoy.

Baker Print Back Cardigan - I can not tell you HOW in love I am with this cardigan. It has a beautiful print on the back, which makes the otherwise plain white cardigan pop.  I want this in my size!

Carter's Chambray Jumper - I'm normally not a huge Carter's fan, but I can't help but be enamored by this chambray jumper with yellow polka dot body suit. It's simple, cute and fun!

giggleBABY Sheep Pants - I believe these pants were technically targeted at boy babies, but girls don't have to be decked in pink 24/7!  I'm happy to add these fun leggings to baby girl's wardrobe and am currently on the hunt for the perfect black tunic to pair them with.

Wendy Bellissimo Striped Cardigan - Such a soft and sweet cardigan. It's pale pink color and soft stripes make this the perfect, feminine go-to cardi.

Walmart is a store I previously shunned but recently began a love affair with. Their prices are friendly to my wallet and if you weed through all the crap, you can really find some gems in the kids clothing department!

Bunny Sleep and Play - Sleep and plays are the way to go during the newborn stage, especially for lounging around the house. I love the affordable and cute collection available at the stores and snagged this precious bunny one the second I spotted it. Also love zipper sleepers, so much less complicated than snaps.

Floral Tee and Legging Set - This casual set is super cute and is darling in person. Pair with a cardigan and boots for chilly days and your newborn will be stepping out in style!

Floral Print Dress - Love this simple little dress!  This is perfect for taking the little lady out on public appearances.

Critter Hoodie and Pants Set - Comfort is key when dressing little ones and this two piece set fits the bill!  Plus babies dressed as animals are adorable, no?!

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