Sunday, April 19, 2015

Small Style: Skater Boy

Every once in awhile, I'll splurge on the boy. Today was one of those days. As the summer season begins to set in, my growing boy  is in desperate need of some new threads. We decided to venture outside our usual go-to shops and hit up Zumiez. The boy finally showed a bit of excitement about this whole shopping thing as he picked out this rad, Aztec print hoodie. With that mix of colors, we decided the best approach would be to go easy on the eyes by pairing it with these cool chino shorts and grey skate shoes. The aqua belt gives an extra splash of color and plays off the aqua in the hoodie. My boy is so excited to wear his new duds to school and even muttered a "Shopping isn't so bad sometimes." I'll win him over yet!

Shopping List
Dravus Boys Sound Aztec Hoodie
Volcom Boys Faceted Chino Shorts (Black)
Stefan Janoski Canvas Print Skate Shoes
Zine Webster Aqua Blue Web Belt

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