Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wear It Mama: Pajama Time

I have a new obsession, and that obsession is pretty sleepwear. For years now, my sleep attire has consisted of sweatpants and old band tees. So not sexy, but super comfortable. This all changed during a visit to Anthropologie where I became enamored buy a ridiculously beautiful selected of sleep wear. Unfortunately Anthropologie jammies aren't in my budget, but no worries, I have been able to find fun sleep wear, just about every where!  These super cute shorts are only $6.95. Umm, hello, I don't even have to skip a morning latte to afford these! A simple ribbed tank goes great with these. Since the shorts and tank were so inexpensive, I didn't have any guilt splurging on these awesome slippers. I love these and want to wear them everywhere!  Pretty pj's is making feel like less of  slob, which has been a boost to my morning productivity. Although I am stepping up my pajama game, I haven't parted with my sweats yet! There's always a time and a place for a good pair of sweats.

Shopping List
Satin Sleepwear Shorts (Taupe w/Lime)
St. Eve Rib Stretch Tank Top (Black)
Muk Luk's Polka Dot Slipper Boot

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