Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wear It Mama: Shopping Around

If you know me, you know I love a casual, but cute, outfit. Emphasis on casual. At a little under $10, I couldn't pass up these black denim jeans during a recent shopping trip, as it combined my two favorite things - casual and inexpensive! This beige, effortless, tshirt is super comfy and looks great against the black jeans. I love that it's loose without being overwhelming or baggy. These floral print flats add a subtle splash of color to the outfit and the multi-strand necklace gives some style to this laid back look. Perhaps my favorite piece is the large, shopper bag. It is amazing for toting around all the finds I collect when out and about, and I tend to collect a lot. Not to shabby for a casual outfit, if I do say so myself!

Shopping List
Women Drape Short Sleeve TShirt (Natural)
Skinny Low Rise Jeans (Black)
Ona Scrunch Ballet Flat (Floral)
Shopper (White)
MultiStrand Necklace (White)

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