Sunday, May 3, 2015

Small Style: Seaside Stroll

I have a think for swimsuits. Every year I buy an absurd amount of swimsuits for myself and the kids, and most years we don't even make it to the beach enough to wear all the suits! I blame my excessive swimsuit purchases on my Californian beach upbringing. This year I am making an attempt to curb the swimsuit budget and limit each kid to 2 - okay, maybe 3 - suits. Selecting what suits make the cut have been tough, however, I didn't hesitate to push the "add to cart" button when I found these multi-color, striped swim trunks. I love the seaside influenced color combination. Keeping the beachy theme is easy by adding a  white linen button-up shirt, brown fisherman sandals and a woven straw fedora. I love that this look can easily go from sand to a casual sit-down dinner.

Shopping List
Striped Oxford Swim Trunk
Linen Blend Shirt (White)
Carter's Fisherman Sandals
Woven Straw Fedora (Light Brown)

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